What our customers say about us

My travel schedule involves four days a week, three weeks a month. I've always booked my own travel and have used several different sites over the years. Biz Warriorz makes it easy and quick for me to book all my travel needs and I really appreciate getting a 5% rebate on all my hotel stays. I always recommend them.

Bob L.

CEO, Mechanical Contracting Company

I wish BizWarriorz had been around for the last twenty years that I’ve been traveling. It would've made my travel easier and, on top of that, i would've been receiving a 5% rebate on my travel. I'm glad to be a part of the Tribe!

Jim Mc.

Exec V.P. Operations, Management Services Company

Biz Warriorz makes it simple for me to get linked to all my travel needs at one place, earn rebates on bookings and get helpful ideas from other Road Warriors. I absolutely recommend Biz Warriorz to any traveler. .

Matt H.

V.P., Electrical Supply Company


You and I may very well have waited in line together in one of the airports, hotels, rental car centers or restaurants around the U.S., Canada or Mexico.  For twenty-five years I’ve been catching two and often four flights most every week, driving rentals, living in hotels and eating in restaurants. 

We’ve all had great travel experiences and we’ve all taken those “trips from hell.”  That’s just part of the deal when you travel for business.  We’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, how to make our travels as problem-free as we can.   

Biz Warriorz wants to help make your life on the road a little easier while offering you some extra perks to make up for dealing with those challenges.  Together we can “rewrite the rules” on how travel providers regard their best customers. 

Oh, by the way we pay our members a 5% cash rebate on all hotel and rental car bookings. Give us a try, OK?

Dean Henderson
Recovering Road Warrior