Biz Warriorz was created to provide “Road Warriors” with a convenient “one stop site” where they could:

  • Be a part of a professional organization dedicated to business travelers.
  • Interact and communicate with fellow business travelers.
  • Share information to help make all of our travels easier and more enjoyable
  • Handle all their travel booking needs
  • Earn extra points redeemable for top quality merchandise
  • Receive rebates and discounts on business products and services
  • Stay updated on the latest business technology and trends.

The Team at BizWarriorz.com and The American Association of Biz Warriorz (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8528708) has created these platforms dedicated to business travelers. Our goal is to help them benefit from the exchange of information, experiences, and recommendations gained from each other’s travels. We’re the only site dedicated to this group.

We’ve all had those “trips from hell” as well as the unexpected pleasant surprises when everything goes as scheduled. Now we have a place to share that information with our peers. Recommendations from bona fide Road Warriors carry a lot more weight than so-called “business reviews” from anonymous people (often the owners of the business.)

Every member of our Team has experienced the rigors of frequent business travel as an integral part of their careers. They all possess a first-hand knowledge of and appreciation for its difficulties as well as its rewards.

We’ve partnered with the world’s largest and best travel exchanges (Check them out on “Book Your Travel”) to provide our members with a one-stop site to book their airline, hotel, rental car and other travel needs at the best prices available. 

The Mission of BizWarriorz.com and
The American Association of Biz Warriorz

To recognize, support and reward the professional business traveler. To provide a platform for the interchange of information, experiences, recommendations, career development and personal growth topics between their peers.

Members are welcome to post discussion topics, questions and articles related to frequent business travel and share success stories, challenges and other common issues.

AABW offers a free one-stop resource to facilitate such interchanges and includes a strategic partnership with the world’s largest on-line travel source, allowing members to earn cash rebates as well as other travel rewards.

Further, AABW will utilize its member influence to negotiate favorable rates, special offers and discounts with travel industry providers as well as providers of business tools, equipment and merchandise regularly used by its members.


It only takes a few minutes to sign up with Biz Warriorz and your chosen booking sites.  It’s always free, quick and easy and you’ll be earning our cash back rewards with your first booking! 

Earn Extra Reward Points from Your Selected Providers

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Rental Car Agencies
  • Your Credit Card

Network With Other Road Warriors

This very important feature is what originally prompted Biz Warriorz to be developed. We encourage our members to use our Facebook Group “Tribe Talk – By Biz Warriorz” to network with each other and help each other out with solid, unbiased road warrior information. It’s one of the unique features of our platform. If you have a good experience with a hotel, airline, car rental agency, restaurants or any other providers you can pass that along to other members. You can also warn other members about the bad ones. Let’s share our good and bad experiences.

News Updates

The Biz Warriorz staff constantly searches national and international news media to bring its members the latest, most up-to-date information on topics of interest including:

  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Careers
  • Weather
  • Flight Information
  • Financial Information
  • Sports
  • Life Styles
  • Careers

BizWarriorz is Truly