If you’re like me, you’ve settled on a preferred “go to” hotel chain.” When I book through Biz Warriorz I filter the available hotels to my preference – the Hilton Garden Inns. Takes about two seconds. I can then filter that down to the part of the city I want, select the room I want and then – BAM!. I’m done.

What’s your “go to” hotel? What influences you the most when deciding where you want to stay? Price? Location? Facilities?

The Expedia booking process has tons of features, lists all hotels and always has the best prices available. Bottom line – it’s a snap to book into the hotel brand you want by using Biz Warriorz and Expedia.

To paraphrase a well-known politician, “If you like your hotel brand, you can keep your hotel brand.” With Biz Warriorz that also holds true for your car rentals and airlines.

Stay calm and travel on. www.bizwarriorz.com