A national hotel chain has been running ads featuring a snarky young woman touting the benefits of using their app. She boasts about:

1. How easy it is to book a room.
2. The options available to you.
3. The best prices.
4. The loyalty rewards.

Big deal! Every one of those features and more are available when you book through Biz Warriorz.

1. Free membership in an elite group of professional business travelers interacting on a peer to peer basis to share travel tips and other helpful information.
2. Biz Warriorz pays you a cash rebate when you book through them including your room and rental car expenses. We’re also launching a plan to include your airline bookings in those rebates.
3. You earn travel agency rewards.
4. You always earn loyalty points from your credit card provider.
5. Coming soon! Biz Warriorz Rewards redeemable for terrific merchandise or cash.

We’re leaving no stone unturned to reward our members. Join our community. It’s free, quick, easy and . . . Rewarding!